Ura supports Open Source and Free Software Projects with Usability, Visual Identity and User Experience Design, no matter if small grassroots or established enterprise.

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Design, but Open

Ura is a digital studio which focuses on visual communication solutions tailored for Open Source and Internet Freedom projects. Ura was founded in 2016 in Albania to cater to the ever-rising demand for Usability and Design services in Open Source Software. We specialize in UX Design, Design Systems Research and Visual Identity.

Our work can be seen across various Open Source projects such as Mozilla, The Tor Project and The Linux Foundation.

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What people say about us


“The folks at Ura were very professional in learning our expectations, planning the project, and being flexible as things changed. Add to that their commitment to work in the open and it made for a wonderful experience.”

Jeff Beatty - Mozilla


“When looking for an identity for Glucosio we put our faith into Ura. With an unrivaled ability to bring ideas together into a fresh and modern branding experience we were really happy with the results.”

Benjamin Kerensa - Glucosio


“Ever since 'Open Source' was coined 20 years ago, a majority of projects have lacked great design. Ura is leading the way to fill that gap of Open Source Design in the community.”

Justin Dorfman - Stickermule


“Ura understood the needs of the open-source community when we worked together creating a styleguide for the Tor Project. They were able to deliver a polished result in a large, distributed volunteer organization.”

Sara Sinclair Brody - Simply Secure

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