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We helped Stackspin, previously known as OpenAppStack, build their new brand personality and visual identity conducting user experience research to provide relevant experience to their users.

Stackpin is an online office suite in which you control your data. It includes everything a small organisation needs to get themselves organised.

Working with Stackpin consisted in creating a modern and relevant brand identity and building the right user experience foir their services.

We created the entire brand design and implemented the new identity in the X pages. To ensure the visual consistency, we provided a guideline manual so Stackspin’s visual identity will presented correctly in their future activity.

S as Stack / S as Spin,

The icon of the new logo symbolizes the stacked blocks while forming the letter S. (something about the colorr and the Greenhost connection). Lorem Ipsum

Typography and Colors

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Brand Book

After setting the visual identity, we prepared and provided the brand guidelines book. The purpose of this book is to ensure that the brand and visual identity of Stackspin is correclty presented everywhere. Lorem Ipsum

Link: Stackspin - Brand Book

How we helped

  • We helped OpenAppStack become Stackspin.
  • We offered our expertise to create their new brand and visual identity.
  • We designed the book of style guides so the brand is visually consistent.
  • (UX?)