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Internews’ OPTIMA

We designed the brand and visual identity for OPTIMA, creating a visual language which emphasizes their motive, principles and style.

Internews’ OPTIMA program is designed to build resources and advocacy capacity such that civil society organizations (CSOs) in high-risk countries can better and more proactively predict, prevent, and be prepared to respond to internet shutdowns.

The visual design for Internews’ OPTIMA aims to create a modern, approachable, and friendly identity for the program and its mission. As part of this scope we created a set of design deliverables, as well as accompanying brand guidelines to ensure coherent application of the OPTIMA brand across different channels.

As part of the logo, the rectangles represent censorship, while the divided OPTIMA stands for the obstacles in communication. The logo of Internews’ OPTIMA aims to represent the idea of being able to communicate and understand through distance, division, and censorship.

Visual Style

Internews’ OPTIMA needed a visual style that would be approachable and empowering.

We designed the visual components in a modular way in order to compliment the energetic dynamic we want to communicate. A little bit glitchy, yet not naive. The graphics of this visual identity will be an abstract combination of geometric shapes and other stylized icons, which help in illustrating a specific concept.

The illustrations set is flexible and open for changes. Any icon can be added, as long as it is designed in this specific style.

Independent Slogan


It stands in the middle of the two graphic styles, creating a bridge between the logo and the supportive illustrations.

There is no constraint regarding the logo and slogan relationship. The slogan is independent. It may be shown with the logo or just part of the illustrated artworks.

Brand Book

The brand book is an important addition and documentation of the visual identity of Internews’ OPTIMA. It ensures that the brand is correctly presented, respecting each graphic asset, preserving the style, making the brand easily recognizable.

Link: Internews’ OPTIMA - Brand Book

Needs Assessment Report

The Needs Assessment Report “BUILDING CAPACITY FOR INTERNET SHUTDOWN ADVOCACY” , authored by Laura Schwartz-Henderson, was one of the deliverables designed after setting the tone.

The report was redesigned with a new layout based on the recently designed visual identity, adding more diversity to the visual style.

Link: Internews’ OPTIMA- Building Capacity for Internet Shutdown Advocacy

How we helped

  • We helped Internews’ OPTIMA create their brand and visual identity.
  • We offered consistent design solutions of every digital asset of the program, such as the Needs Assessment Report.
  • We made sure the program was visually presented and engage with their audience in the right way.