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The organizations and projects we work with operate on the intersection of privacy, security and open source.

Mozilla Foundation

Visual design and illustrations for contributors, UI and UX research and design for Thunderbird.

Eclipse Foundation

Branding and web design for the AsciiDoc language and working group.

Tor Project

Branding updates and UX design.

Technical University of Darmstadt

Brand Identity, Print Design and Web Development for Hessian.AI and Queryella.

Rust Project

Brand identity, web design and print for RustFest and other Rust projects.

Open Technology Foundation

Usability and design service provider for sponsored projects as part of SUA Lab and Learning Lab.


Brand Identity, Illustrations, UX Design, UX Research and Accessibility Testing for Briar Android and Desktop.

Calyx Institute

Illustrations and Accessibility Testing for CalyxOS.


Web Development for the COTECH, hwsecurity and heylogin website.

Electronic Frontier Foundation

UX Design and Research for HTTPS Everywhere’s Desktop browser extension.


Brand Identity and UX Research for various projects.

Ferrous Systems

Brand identity, print and web design for Oxidize and Ferrocene.

Geocode Earth

Brand Identity and Web Design for Pelias and Geocode Earth.


Branding updates and print design for openIMIS.


Layout Design and UX Research.


Brand identity, UX Design and Testing for Stackspin and Totem Project.

Hermes Center

Brand identity, Web Design, UX Design and Testing for GlobaLeaks.


Brand Identity, Layout Design, Web Development and User Research for Optima, Adapt, BASICS and more.

Magma Collective

UX Research and Testing for Briar Android.

Open Knowledge Foundation

Brand Identity, Web Development and Web Design for Prototype Fund and Open Knowledge Foundation.


Brand identity and print design for various open source libraries.

Tech Cultivation

Branding, Information architecture and web design for Tech Cultivation’s website.

University of Michigan

Brand Identity and UX Design for Censored Planet.

Whistleblower Aid

Brand Identity updates for Whistleblower Aid’s trademark application.

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