Earlier this year, we announced our involvement with Open Tech Fund’s Usability Lab, providing Usability and Design Services to Internet Freedom projects. If you missed the news, head over to the announcement on our blog.

Reproducible Builds Logo

Reproducible Builds has been the first project we supported as part of the Usability Lab. Reproducible Builds represents a set of software development practices that create an independently-verifiable path from source code to the binary code used by computers.

We have been in talks with the Reproducible Builds community since late 2017 where they were looking to have a new logo to represent the project. Going a step further, we met with Holger, a core contributor to the project at this year’s FOSDEM. During our conversations we decided to provide a full fledged style guide via the support of OTF’s Usability Lab.

The following weeks consisted of various IRC meetings and iterations on logo proposals which were presented on Identihub, our Free Software platform for hosting visual identites and assets. While the logo process has been quite extensive and we had a few delays, we were able to pin down a final logo throughout a selection voted by the community.

With the logo being decided upon, we had a clear path going forward, implementing the visual identity in a live style guide, inspired from the Tor style guide we helped set the foundations for in 2016.

Colors Section

The style guide itself features visuals, assets and components ready to be used in Reproducible Builds projects. Additionally, the style guide is free of any 3rd party trackers (including Google Fonts), external libraries and works also with JavaScript disabled / Tor High Security Mode. We even made sure that the style guide is responsive and should work fine on all resolutions.

The style guide is now migrated to Debian infrastructure, but you can view a live version on GitHub pages.

In the coming weeks, the official version will live on https://reproducible-builds.org/style


While a live style guide is an ideal solution to offer powerful guidelines in one place, creating an Identihub page is an accessible alternative which can be deployed right away without too much hassle.

There you can also find the style guide assets where Identihub should make it easier to link, share and convert them.

Also head over to our portfolio page of Reproducible Builds!