At Ura we have been constantly working with open source projects to get their branding up to speed. While we love working on fully fledged visual identities for projects, we are aware that some projects simply need a logo to get started and focus on the actual software features. This motivated us to build Logobridge, an open source collection of public domain logos anyone can use for their projects for free:


All logos are available in their glyph form and you can tweak or adapt them to your needs, as their CC0 Public Domain dedication allows basically any usage. Of course launching a product with a public domain logo might not be suitable for a product release so you can also specify a price you are willing to pay and we will design a logo for you, The great thing? From the proceeds we also will support the Open Source Design collective, going towards community outreach and fostering design initiatives in open source.

Logobridge Logos

We hope to add new logos every month and grow the collection of public domain logos. With the amount of unappreciated logo drafts we have lying on our hard drives, we don’t think that’s going to be hard to pull through. We worked on Logobridge since 2016 but never got it off the ground properly like now. We hope that it will prove more useful to people now. Logobridge is also available in German as of now.

Of course Logobridge itself is open source and powered by Jekyll. You can find the repo on GitHub.

Want to contribute with a logo one of your past clients didn’t appreciate enough? File a Pull Request or an Issue on GitHub and we can include it in the upcoming month.